Real Estate
& Construction

More than ever the real estate and construction industry is facing the challenge of adapting to new trends and take advantage of new technologies. The industry is now experiencing a boom in ESG requirements, changing the way we perceive construction.

Investors, developers, and contractors are daily confronted with the fact that the industry is responsible for 40% of the total Co2 consumption, and requirements are made for the industry to take responsibility in the fight for a better climate. Therefore, the future keywords characterizing the industry will be climate, energy, sustainability, and digitalization. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to develop a clear strategic vision that is implemented across the entire value chain.

We serve clients across the industry, and we have especially assisted clients within ESG, project development, asset & investment management, project management and general management.

Our Partner, Ulrik Halberg, brings a broad client base in the entire value chain and across all sub sectors in Real Estate & Construction and therefore a deep understanding of the market conditions and challenges.


  • Investment management
  • Asset management
  • Property management
  • Facility management
  • Project development
  • Bid management
  • Architecture & design
  • Project management
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • ESG


Ulrik Halberg


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