As Partner, Mie is responsible for leading and collaborating with our clients in the consumer segment. With extensive expertise from this industry, she cultivates transparency and establishes trust with the clients while searching for senior roles, both locally and internationally. Her genuine interest in creating the best experience for our candidates shows an uncompromising approach to candidate and client excellence, which is deeply rooted in all her business endeavors.

Mie excels in her determination and persistence – she refuses to give up and has relentless dedication to quality and the people around her, showcasing her constant helpful and sincere interest in her colleagues’ well-being. At the office, she is known as the guardian of the true Venaris spirit, and she is ready to challenge her grey co-partners.

Mie holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Psychology and a Master of Science in Business Administration & Psychology from Copenhagen Business School. On the more personal note, she lives in the Northern Zealand area together with her husband and their two lovely sons.

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